Co-Location Webinar Series: Part 2 - Deep-Dive into DV/SA and Homeless/Housing Co-Location Partnerships

Co-Location Webinar Series

This webinar explores the ways in which DV/SA advocates, embedded in homeless/housing systems, and vice versa, can create access and increase racial and gender equity for survivors and support homeless/housing advocates to understand the unique safety needs and barriers survivors face.


La Casa de Las Mujeres: Partnership with San Francisco Housing Authority

  • Beatriz Vasquez, Community Programs Manager, La Casa de Las Mujeres, San Francisco, CA

YWCA of Greater Portland: Partnership with Housing Authority of Portland

  • Jaidra Hennessey, YWCA Director of Domestic and Sexual Violence Programs, Director of Housing Programs

New Opportunities in Connecticut: Partnership with the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence's DV RRH Programs

  • Anthony Roldan, Bilingual Housing, New Opportunities