Responding to Funder Requirements

Funders require compliance with many laws and guidelines – from language access to data collection. Additionally, many promising practices can help shape your program. 

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HUD Continuum of Care and Emergency Solutions Grants Grantee Monitoring for Victim Service Providers

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Domestic violence providers that receive HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) and Emergency Solution Grant (ESG) funds face pressure from grant funding auditors and monitors to reveal clients’ personally identifying information. This resource provides statutory references to help domestic violence programs and other Victim Service Providers navigate their responsibilities to protect victim confidentiality and participate in auditing and monitoring in connection with their HUD funds.

Available in Korean: 가정 폭력 피해자 지원 비영리 단체를 위한 HUD CoC 및 ESG 수혜자 모니터링

Available in Spanish: Subvenciones del HUD para la continuidad de la atención y soluciones de emergencia Supervisión de los proveedores de servicios a las víctimas