Federal Eviction Ban Remains In Effect, Despite Recent Court Rulings

Housing is a Right

On May 5, 2021 a federal district court judge ruled in favor of landlords and property owners claiming the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) did not have the authority to issue the federal eviction moratorium (set to expire June 30, 2021). The Department of Justice (DOJ) immediately appealed the case, and while the appeal is pending, the eviction ban remains in effect.

Renters Can Still Apply for Eviction Protections 

  • While the CDC eviction moratorium remains in effect, renters can fill out the CDC declaration form and give it to their landlords. The form is also available in other languages here & here.
  • Who is eligible?
    • Generally speaking, individuals earning less than $99,000/year ($198,000/year for couples) who are experiencing financial struggles due to the pandemic.
  • For more information, check out this March 2021 webinar What Survivor Advocates Need to Know About COVID Eviction Protections and Related Housing Relief Funding.
  • In addition to the federal CDC moratorium, some states and local jurisdictions also passed their own eviction protections. Click here for an online spreadsheet showing State Moratoria Start & End Dates compiled by law professor Emily Benfer.

Legal Assistance for Domestic & Sexual Violence Survivors Facing Evictions

  • Domestic violence programs receiving Family Violence Prevention & Services Act (FVPSA) funds can use those resources to pay for
    • lawyers,
    • legal assistance and
    • court advocacy for housing matters (like eviction prevention).
  • Legal Aid programs can also provide legal representation.

Survivors Can Also Apply for Emergency Rental Assistance